Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Annual Summer Meeting

On July 20, 2009, we held our annual summer meeting. Our main topics of conversation included the summer contingency budget, Principal's Message, committee reports, the 09-10 calendar, orientation packets, and student and faculty t-shirt ordering. Melanie Holtsman, our instructional technology coach, also gave training on how to upload files and documents to our wiki.

Principal Phillips will host our summer gathering at her home on August 4 from 6-8 pm. We are asked to bring either an appetizer or dessert dish to pass. Our next meeting will be held on August 10, 2009 at 10 am in the Administrative Conference Room. Babysitting services will be offered. Committee members are asked to meet together before the August 10th meeting and come prepared to propose their committee's 09-10 school year budgets.

To recap for those world travelers who were not in attendance...

Our Tentative 09/10 Relevant Calendar Dates:

8-10-09 PTA Meeting
8-31-09 Entertainment Book Sales Begin
9-14-09 PTA Meeting; Entertainment Book Sales End
9-18-09 Pancake Pigout sponsored by the BUD's club
9-24-09 Tentative Open House
9-26-09 Campus Clean-Up
9-28-09 Sally Foster Sale Begins
9-29-09 2/4 Family Night (Math Night, FCAT Writes Night)
10-01-09 Tentative Open House
10-05-09 PTA Meeting
10-09-09 Fall Pictures
10-12-09 Sally Foster Sale Ends
10-23-09 Fall Carnival
10-24-09 Campus Clean-Up
11-02-09 PTA Meeting
11-06-09 Fall Picture Make-Ups
11-17-09 K/5 Family Night
11-21-09 Campus Clean Up
12-07-09 PTA Meeting
12-12-09 Campus Clean Up
1-04-10 PTA Meeting
1-26-10 1/3 Family Night
1-30-10 Campus Clean-Up
2-01-10 PTA Meeting
2-12-10 Valentine's Dance
2-27-10 Campus Clean-Up
3-01-10 PTA Meeting
3-05-10 BUD's Club Family Movie Night
3-27-10 Campus Clean-Up
4-12-10 PTA Meeting
4-16-10 Spring Pictures
4-23-10 Arts Extravaganza Family Night
4-24-10 Campus Clean-Up
5-03-10 PTA Meeting
5-07-10 BUD's Club Mother's Day Cakes
5-22-10 Campus Clean-Up
6-07-10 PTA Meeting